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The word “Hansa” is an old German word, which could best be translated with “league of the best in trade”. We selected this word for our first and largest German-based global customer, to name the most vital advanced cybersecurity projects in this very large corporation.

The translation already fits, but it has a second meaning as an acronym H.A.N.S.A. Curious? The answer might surprise you.

This is nothing to be posted on the internet, but we’d be happy to explain it to you if you are interested in our services.

In general, we consult, but not about everyday things. We consult about how to protect the most valuable IT assets that you have, about designing a strictly-confidential strategy meeting or even exceeding the levels of protection that the military or even intelligence agencies offer.
// Experience. Execution. Excellence.

What We Actually Do

We use & work-on the Best Tools in the market – and yes, we know all of these vendors very well, with personal contacts to their top management…

Insider Protection Controls, which will protect you from a malicious Domain Administrator, or even from a Cyber Defense Center agent…

Nation-State level Threat Protection and Response Controls, which will up your game to not only meet but exceed everything on regulatory compliance levels, even for critical system-relevant industries…

With Competence and Experience on absolute Top-level…